New Zealand is one of the best places to live and study in the world. New Zealand is rapidly becoming one of the most popular study destinations for Indian students. The nation has a world-class education system with many study opportunities, an attractive fee structure, a strong support system, and a lower cost of living than anywhere else on the planet.Employers and other educational institutions all around the world highly regard and value the credentials you'll acquire from New Zealand universities.

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Here are a few reasons for why you should study in New Zealand

Easy entry criteria

New Zealand has low entry standards, making it simple for foreign students to apply for courses. The government of the country invests heavily in higher education, both in terms of quality and infrastructure, in order to draw more students in an increasingly globalised world. In fact, they contribute the highest proportion of public funds to education anywhere in the world.

World class education imparted by globally renowned universities

For international students pursuing a high-quality education, New Zealand is one of the most promising foreign education destinations. All eight universities in the country are rated highly in the QS World University Rankings, ensuring that students have the best possible opportunities. The country's education certification authority (NZQA) ensures that all institutions are registered to admit foreign students and that they conform to the country's qualifications requirements.
Universities in New Zealand
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Easy to get the student visa

To prevent uncertainty and arbitrariness, the country uses a standardised visa application process. Immigration New Zealand is partnering with Education New Zealand to create a stronger collaboration model that will improve the success rate of New Zealand study visas. In addition, several universities provide foreign students on-campus visa renewal and extension services to ensure a smooth, stress-free application process. Your visa application is handled, tracked, and followed up on in a timely manner by them.

Education System in New Zealand

New Zealand's educational system stresses both academic success and practical learning. The Legatum Institute in London has ranked it as one of the best education systems in the world. New Zealand’s education system is based on a three-tier model, with primary and intermediate schooling coming first, followed by secondary schooling (high schools), and finally tertiary education at universities and polytechnics. The country has the largest proportion of public funding in the education sector, making it the best-funded education system in the world.
Best Education System in New Zealand

Universities in New Zealand offer a wide range of courses and programmes to students based on their areas of interest, enabling students to take courses that are tailored to their needs. International students have a variety of options in the country at different education levels as follows:

New Zealand is world renowned for courses like Hospitality, Computer Science, Information Technology and Animation. Along with these courses New Zealand universities are well-known for the following course:


Business Studies

Engineering Forestry


Art and design


Business management

Sports management