Master in Accounting & Finance in UK

Accounting and finance is a broad field with many different specializations. The school you attend will depend on what kind of career you want to pursue. For those who want to work in the financial sector, many universities offer masters in accounting and finance in UK. Once you discuss and evaluate your profile with us here at Apex Study Abroad LLP, your course and top universities for accounting and finance in UK shortlisting would be a piece of cake. The UK's top accounting and finance universities include: 

  1. University of Greenwich 
  2. Manchester Metropolitan University
  3. University of Nottingham
  4. University of Dundee 
  5. University of Liverpool

Accountancy is a highly-skilled and highly-disciplined field, which is why good Accountants remain in demand across the UK. Research shows that country will need around 80,000 additional Accountants by 2050. Essentially, Accountants are directly responsible for the financial affairs of their employers. An MSc accounting and finance in UK degree will help you craft unique perspectives and knowledge on economics, mathematics, political science, psychology, and sociology.

masters in accounting and finance in uk

You will learn how to prepare and interpret financial information and gain a theoretical and practical understanding of the core financial practice. This practice while studying will play a major role when you enroll yourself for the Placement year and secure a job at the end of the course. Masters in accounting and finance in UK will help you gain a wide range of transferable skills that will make you more appealing to employers. The UK hosts strong accounting and financial professional bodies, which lead the world in terms of the development of accounting standards.

Capital: Ottawa     |     Currency: Canadian Dollar (CAD)     |     Official Languages: English     |     Population: Approximately 38.5 million.

English is the language of business and so studying in the UK will equip students with relevant business language skills. You will develop strong numerical and quantitative skills, with advanced analytical and problem-solving capabilities. The curriculum of the accounting and finance degree course in the UK focuses on preparing students for work in the dynamic and constantly changing entrepreneurial world and global economy.

As well as a robust knowledge of accountancy practices and finance, a UK degree will give you knowledge of the dynamics of commerce and industry – broad knowledge of the subject area and technical skills that you can apply to any sector.

Study in UK

Insurance Coverage

Most international students are expected to have  Insurance covering the study period. Most universities provide their foreign students with insurance and charge approx. CAD 300 per year on top of the tuition fees. Alternatively, students can purchase the insurance on their own from private insurance providers. It is recommended to have an extra amount of coverage, as the insurance can only cover a certain percentage of medical costs.

Earn while you learn

As an international student, you can work up to 20 hours a week when the classes are in session and up to 40 hours a week during semester breaks and/or vacations. As a mandatory requirement to work in Canada, you need to have a Social Insurance Number (SIN) which can be requested online.


The public transportation system is well known & very systematic. Ample of transportation options are available within the Canadian cities. As Canada is a big country, travelling by plane is often required when travelling to different cities. In general, however, flights are not costly and airlines also offer a number of discounts or special deals. It takes more time to travel by train and is not especially cheap, but it is still popular as a means of travelling.


International students have an option of either living on or off campus either. The majority of students chose to move off campus as they can work part time and gain valuable experience during education. Universities provide assistance in locating accommodation destinations, but before leaving for Canada, we recommend you first find temporary accommodation for an initial period of around 15 – 20 days. Canadian universities provide foreign students with good service and universities can pick them up from the airport

Some of the top courses in the Canada

Universities in the Canada provide students with a wide range of courses and programmes to choose from, depending on their field of interest. There are various opportunities open to students, whether they choose to participate in an undergraduate or postgraduate programme. The following are some of the most well-known degrees and courses offered by Canada universities:


Accounting & Finance




Civil Engineering


Computer Science






Mechanical Engineering


Medicine & Psychology


Aeronautical & Manufacturing Engineering


Business & Management Studies


Electrical & Electronic Engineering


Hospitality, Leisure, Recreation & Tourism