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MS In Computer Science In Ireland: Complete Guide for Getting a Master’s in Computer Science in Ireland


Ireland has numerous Master’s programs in computer science available at its institutions and colleges. These programs often cover a broad range of computer science disciplines, such as programming, algorithms, data structures, computer systems and networks, software engineering, artificial intelligence, and others.

Some programs might also provide specialised courses or areas of concentration, such as cybersecurity or machine learning. A bachelor’s degree in computer science or a closely related discipline and excellent grades in undergraduate coursework are often prerequisites for admission to these programs.

Why study Computer Science in Ireland?

Strong technology sector: Ireland has a strong and expanding technology sector, and several top tech companies like Microsoft, Google, and Linkedin have operations there. Students can network and gain industry experience because of this, which may result in future job prospects.

Short Course Duration: Unlike US colleges, Irish colleges complete postgraduate programs in one year.

Research Opportunities: Irish colleges and universities are renowned for their top-notch instruction and research. They provide a variety of postgraduate computer science programmes.

Medium of Instruction: Ireland is a popular study-abroad location for international students because it is an English-speaking country, and English is the language of instruction there.

Access to the European Union: Studying in Ireland makes visiting and working in other EU nations easier.

Excellent location: Ireland is well-known for its gorgeous landscapes and welcoming people. It is a great place to live, work, and study.

Specialized Studies: Many Irish universities and colleges offer specialized programs in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cybersecurity, and Gaming.

Cost of Living: Compared to other European nations, the cost of living in Ireland is comparatively low, making it a more affordable option for students.

Which are the top colleges to study Computer Science in Ireland?

The most consequential step is to find the college you will be studying in. We have listed the top colleges in Ireland that offer a competitive computer science education.

QS World University Ranking 2023University NameProgramsTotal Fees(Approx.)Duration
98Trinity CollegeM.Sc Computer Science (Augmented and Virtual Reality/Data Science/Future Networked System/Intelligent System)Rs. 25 Lakh1 year
181University College, DublinM.Sc in Computer Science (Research/Conversion/Negotiated Learning)Rs. 27.5 Lakh16 months-2 years
303University College, CorkM.Sc Computing ScienceRs. 18 Lakh1 year
471Dublin City UniversityM.Sc  Electronic & Computing TechnologyM.Sc Computing (4 Majors)Rs. 18 Lakh1 year
270University of GalwayM.Sc Computer Science (AI)Rs. 25 Lakh1 year
531-540University of LimerickM.Sc AI & MLM.Sc Software EngineeringRs. 18 Lakh1 year
801-1000Maynooth UniversityM.Sc Computer Science (Applied)M.Sc Software EngineeringRs. 22 Lakh2 years
1 Year
801-1000Technological UniversityM.Sc Computer Science (Data Science/Advanced Software Development)Rs. 21 Lakh1.5 years

What is the eligibility for a Master’s in Computer Science in Ireland?

The eligibility for this prospective degree is as follows:

  • You must have a bachelor’s degree in engineering, mathematics, or computer science. Check the institute’s website to know if they accept other related degrees.
  • You must score at least 60% in the undergraduate degree.
  • You must provide a valid visa application and passport.
  • You must have an acceptable score in IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE language exams.
  • The score should be at least 6.0 or 59.

Which scholarships can you apply for a Master’s in Computer Science in Ireland?

There are several scholarships available for Indian students to study for a Master’s in Computer Science in Ireland. It is advisable to check with the universities you’re interested in, as they may also have additional scholarships available for Indian students.

ScholarshipEligible StudentsBenefits
Government of Ireland Postgraduate ScholarshipAll Accepted StudentsTuition fees and living allowance
(ICCR) ScholarshipsIndian StudentsTuition fees and living allowance
Trinity College Dublin India ScholarshipIndian StudentsTuition fees
University College Dublin India ScholarshipIndian StudentsTuition fees
Max Arthur Mccaulife Special Merit ScholarshipIndian Students accepted to NUITuition fees
V.V Giri Global Excellence ScholarshipIndian StudentsTuition fees

What is the cost of studying MS in Computer Science in Ireland?

It is worth noting that studying in Ireland might be less expensive than in other European nations, and the government also provides a variety of scholarships and financial alternatives for overseas students. Furthermore, several institutions in Ireland provide part-time employment possibilities to help students with their living expenses.

It’s critical to do your homework on the precise fees associated with the colleges and degree programmes you’re interested in and any possible financial assistance or scholarship opportunities.

Ireland is a great country to achieve your tech dreams. It is the number destination for US tech firms. Consequently, your education in Ireland will land you a handsome job opportunity in one of the classy offices of Silicon Valley. 

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