masters in project management in canada

Why Should You Do Your Masters in Project Management in Canada?


Project management is one of the most booming job prospects of the coming decade. Canada alone will have a demand of around 90,000 project managers by 2027. The field has immense opportunities for undergraduates in engineering. 

But why is project management such a lucrative career? Why should talented undergraduates opt for a master’s in project management? Let us find out. 

What is project management?

Every business has several clients. The campaigns or services for these clients count as a project. No project works on its own. Just employing some people to complete tasks without any coordination will lead to chaos.

It is the job of project managers to keep these projects functioning smoothly. They choose the best person for each task in the project and manage the entire workflow. They establish timetables, monitor profitability, and guarantee that they satisfy client demands.

Every successful business operation has a project manager behind it. They are the key people the employees turn to when faced with a problem. Project managers report to the CEOs and client heads to notify the progress of every project. Therefore, project managers are the link between executives, upper management, and clients.

Why is Canada the best to study project management?

Canada is one of the most premium destinations in the world. It is a first-world country with a fairly low cost of living compared to other developed countries. Additionally, Canada has a prosperous economy and a high standard of living. 

Moreover, it is a diverse and multicultural country. Students are exposed to people from all backgrounds in the world, and they form unbreakable bonds with like-minded people. 

Apart from the cultural advantages, if a student has a recognized degree from a Canadian post-secondary institution and wants to gain job experience, the Canadian government offers a work program. This is a fantastic way to continue living in Canada while developing and advancing your professional abilities.

Canadian standards of education are recognized all around the world. The PMP (Project Management Professional) Certification is acknowledged around the world as a mark of excellence for project managers and practitioners. This well-recognized qualification gives managers credibility, which typically results in increased salary or recognition.

Is project management in demand in Canada?

As we have already mentioned, project management is one of the most booming career prospects in Canada. It will have a demand of 90,000 project managers for various industries like IT, banking, marketing, fintech, and healthcare.

As more and more businesses are on the rise, the market for project managers also increases. The PMP Certification is a one-way ticket to a manifold of job opportunities. The Canadian government also allows students to apply for work permits and work in Canada after post-graduation. 

The professional can start with annual packages of 38,000 CAD and increase it to 120,000 CAD with enough experience. 

What is a PMP (Project Management Professional) Certification?

We have cited the term PMP at least two times in this blog. What exactly is a PMP Certification, and why should you have one?

Well, PMP Certification is awarded after rigorous experience in project management. It is evidence of your hard work as a successful project manager that gives you an edge over others in your field. Professionals with this certification have 20% more base salary than others. 

To get a PMP Certification you need to fulfill the given criteria. 

  • Secondary education and at least five years of project management experience, including 7,500 hours of the project leading and directing and 35 hours of project management education
  • A 4-year bachelor’s degree and at least three years of experience in project management, with a minimum of 4,500 hours of leading and supervising projects as well as 35 hours of project management education

Which institute is best for project management in Canada?

Many institutes give a master’s in project management in Canada. These institutes provide specialization in project management under a master’s in engineering and a few certificate courses.

University of Calgary

Programs: MS in Civil Engineering – Project Management, MEng in Civil Engineering – Project Management

University of New Brunswick

Program: MBA in Project Management

University of British Columbia

Programs: MEng in Civil Engineering – Project Management, MASc in Civil Engineering – Project Management, Certificate in Project Management

Vancouver Island University

Program: Graduate Diploma in Project Management 

Northeastern University 

Program: Master of Science in Project Management

How much does it cost to get a master’s in project management in Canada?

Now, let us discuss the most important aspect of your Canadian education- the cost of studying. While tuition fees for a master’s program depend on the institute you have chosen, it can go up to 40,000 CAD. Certificate courses will give you first-hand knowledge and are fairly low in tuition. However, a master’s in management will give you career-oriented, industry research education. 

The cost of living in Canada is the second part. It can go around 800-1000 CAD per month. But with proper management of your expenses and a work permit, you can live a decent study life in Canada. 

Canada is a great study destination. Universities in Canada are top-notch and churn out the most promising project managers in the world. You too can upgrade to your dream life by studying and working in Canada. 

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