Canada Study Visa

Common Mistakes Leading To Canada Study Permit Refusal


Canada-the land of the maple leaf is one of the most preferred overseas destinations for students who wish to study or are currently pursuing Master in Canada and other disciplines in consultation with Abroad Study Consultancy in Pune. Canada is highly remarkable for its outstanding pedagogy, accomplished instructors, improved career openings, and lucrative job opportunities. Canada being home to more than 180,000 international students pursuing Master in Canada under the guidance of Abroad Study Consultancy in Pune, is rapidly becoming the country of choice for students from all corners of the world. However, with the growing popularity of students shifting bases to Canada, the rules of visa procedures and formalities have now become more stringent resulting in visa refusal cases.

Common mistakes resulting in Canada study permit refusal:

  1. Financial paucity-To apply for a Canadian student visa under Abroad Study Consultancy, visa authorities demand proof of sufficient funds for the first year of the applied course necessary for verification so that you can support yourself financially during your stay in Canada. The fund comprises tuition fees, accommodation rent, transportation expenses, and miscellaneous costs. Visa authorities cancel visas based on doubts of insufficient funds.
  2. The course of application-Choose a course or program like Master in Canada that’s in keeping with your previous academic background. If the visa authorities notice that your opted course doesn’t tally with your previous academic profile or work experience, then chances are that your visa will get rejected. Candidates are asked to submit personal statements for addressing this issue. Additionally, comprehensive history of education or work experience requirements are to be submitted alongside the application.
  3. English level proficiency-English is the most proficient language in Canada and candidates should be competent in speaking and comprehending the English language for studying programs like Master in Canada in consultation with Abroad Study Consultancy in Pune. Canadian institutions accept and admit students qualified for IELTS, PTS, or TOEFL with minimum marks by any university. The inability to crack these English language proficiency tests with required minimum scores results in visa refusal.
  4. The intention of flying back to the parent country-Canadian study visa has validity for the stipulated time period and is not permanent. Convince visa officer that you’ll return back to country post completion of studies like Master in Canada. Moreover, a Canadian study permit should be drafted in a way convincing authorities that your intention is not to settle down in Canada permanently. Sensing that you might reside in Canada permanently, your visa can get rejected.
  5. Insufficient documents-Failing to carry required prime documents for a study visa under Abroad Study Consultancy in Pune might lead to visa refusal. Carry documents appropriately in a sequential manner so that the interviewer is at ease, the explanation and information in the documents must be true and convincing. Poor documentation and vague information are strict no-nos.
  6. Biometric rejections-Failure to upload any kind of biometric requirement results in visa grant refusal. It’s imperative to upload accurate biometrics scanned properly to avoid visa rejection.

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