Top 5 Reasons To Get A Masters In Accounting and Finance in the UK

Top 5 Reasons To Get A Masters In Accounting and Finance in the UK


“Behind every good business is a great accountant.” It is a universal truth. Businesses need accountants and finance specialists to keep their wheels running. A lucrative career option, the finance field offers a respectable position to the individual. 

A person who understands numbers is the core asset for every business. To give you a decent education in accounting and finance, UK universities are top in the game. They are the world-class choice among international students to gain practical knowledge and exposure to finance. 

Here are the top five reasons to study for a master’s in accounting and finance in the UK.

Real World Education in Accounting and Finance

The UK has high standards when it comes to education. The universities follow a comprehensive and conclusive syllabus that provides in-depth knowledge about the field. Students are taught what scenarios they can encounter in the future. 

A qualified accountant is proficient in decision-making and has a concise mathematical mind. They should have a great presence of mind to find out the factual figures in the books and be accurate enough to avoid mistakes. New-age accountants must be well acquainted with technology to get fast results and innovate unexplored methodologies. 

Many universities have tie-ups with leading accounting firms to hold workshops and offer internships to students. They sharpen their skills to produce competent accountants for the future. 

Expert Faculty

A student is only as good as a teacher. If you want to be an expert in a field, you should learn from the top-ranking people in the field. Colleges in the UK have brilliant faculty members. They are selected on a heavy criterion to give an extensively rich experience in learning. 

Universities gain a reputation from the quality of teachers. And guess what? The UK has people who are at the top of their game. They make the learning process simpler and more efficient for their master’s in accounting and finance students. The assignments and projects are also based on real-world applications.

If a prestigious institute accepts you, you’ll be studying with award-winning academics. Moreover, even the teachers have great facilities and resources to teach students. You gain an all-around experience in finance with the best tech in your hand.

International Recognition 

Accounting professional certifications such as the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), and the Certified Public Accountants (CPA) are considered to provide better career opportunities than standard qualifications. They are recognised in all parts of the world. A master’s in accounting and finance in the UK exempts you from some criteria for ACCA and CIMA, giving you a headstart for accreditation.

The degree in accounting and finance earned from UK universities, as well as, the education there would make it easier to pass such professional certification exams. The number of subjects necessary to qualify likewise decreases as the student’s qualification increases.

These are standard certifications that are awarded after a series of educational and professional milestones. To get such a certification, you must:

  • Have a bachelor’s in accounting or the required credits.
  • Relevant work experience under a CPA.
  • Take yearly skill development courses.
  • Adhering to the Code of Ethics.

The faculty of UK universities teach you all the benchmark concepts. The university assists students in landing internships and jobs for work experience. Additionally, you can obtain a work permit to gain job experience. 

Exposure to Diverse Cultures

The United Kingdom is a melting pot of different cultures. You have people from every country in the world residing in the UK. It is a great way to connect and network with other proficient students.

You can make friends with people you have never dreamed of meeting. Once your network is established, you have lifelong access to contact any of them in the future. Any business deal you make, any favour you need, or else you end up working in the same company, your peers are there to support you.

Apart from this, exposure to cultural diversity is quintessential. You learn more about the world and how it functions. You become more tolerant. On top of this, you know how to deal with every set of people.

Shorter MSc Degree in Accounting and Finance

The most outstanding advantage of a master’s in the UK is the shorter course duration. While MSc courses in the US or India stretch for two years, they are only one-year degrees in the UK. This is a plus point in various respects.

The first benefit is the time and financial savings. Paying for two additional semesters is not necessary. Your post-graduation takes just one year to finish. Second, you can use that time to apply for a work permit and find employment. Others will be gruelling for two years, and you can be the early bird for the international market. 

Apex Education wishes you the best of luck with your MSc in Accounting and Finance in the UK. We help you in taking the first step on your path to success. Consult us to sit in the finest accounting class in the UK.