Master in UK

UK-Ultimate Destination To Realize Your Dreams In Computer Science


The master’s in computer science in UK is one of the most sought-after courses that international students pursue the world over. It is because that UK has world-renowned universities with their vast curriculum, Master in UK being diversified as Post-graduate research and Post-graduate Taught. While the former focuses on the research level, which includes Ph.D., the latter aims for students wanting to secure a job after Master in UK. The masters in computer science in UK is a Post-graduate Taught degree with a duration of around one to two years, having its specializations in Computer Science, including Cyber Security, Data Science, Automation, etc. Some universities for Master in UK, also prepare students for placement programs. With this view in mind, we, at Apex Education, the premier educational institute, propagate quality education to the students seeking a career in Master in UK, specifically, masters in computer science in UK, and make their dreams come true.

List of some of the premium universities for masters in computer science in UK:

  1. University of Bristol Bristol, England-MSc Computer Science
  2. University of Glasgow Glasgow, Scotland-MSc Computing Science, MSc in Computer Structure Engineering.
  3. University of Birmingham Birmingham, England-MSc Computer Science
  4. University of Liverpool Liverpool, England-MSc Computer Science
  5. Queen Mary University of London-London, England-MSc Computer Science
  6. Queen’s University Belfast Belfast, North Ireland-MPhil Computer Science
  7. Newcastle University Newcastle upon Tyne, England-MSc Computer Science
  8. University of Leicester Leicester, England-MSc Advanced Computer Science
  9. University of Strathclyde Glasgow, Scotland-MSc Advanced Computer Science
  10. University of Dundee Dundee, Scotland-MSc in Computing
  11. Heriot Watt University Edinburg, Scotland-MSc in Computing
  12. University of Essex Colchester, England-MSc Advanced Computer Science, MSc Computer Engineering
  13. Oxford Brookes University Oxford, England-MSc Advanced Computer Science
  14. Nottingham Trent University Nottingham, England-MSc Computer Science
  15. Bangor University Bangor, Wales-MSc Advanced Computer Science
  16. Aberystwyth University Aberystwyth, Wales-MSc Computer Science
  17. Middlesex University London, England-MSc Computer Science
  18. Coventry University Coventry, England-MSc Computer Science
  19. Teesside University Middlesbrough, England-MSc Computer Science
  20. Manchester Metropolitan University Manchester, England-MSc Computer Science
  21. Northumbria University London, England-MSc Computing and Technology
  22. University of Central Lancashire Preston, England-MSc in Computing
  23. University of East London London, England-MSc Computer Science
  24. University of Hertfordshire Hatfield, England-MSc Computer Science
  25. University of Greenwich London, England-MSc Computer Science
  26. The University of Huddersfield Huddersfield, England-MSc in Computing
  27. University of Chester Chester, England-MSc Computer Science
  28. Angila Ruskin University Cambridge, England-MSc Computer Science
  29. Staffordshire University Stroke on Trent, England-MSc Computer Science 
  30. The University of Northampton Northampton, England-MSc in Computing
  31. Liverpool Hope University Liverpool, England-MSc Advanced Computer Science
  32. University of Sunderland London, England-MSc in Computing
  33. Sheffield Hallam University Sheffield, England-MPhil Computing and Informatics
  34. University of Roehampton London, England-MSc in Computing
  35. University of South Wales Cardiff, Wales-MSc Computer Science
  36. University of Bedfordshire Luton, England-MSc Computer Science
  37. Leeds Beckett University Leeds, England-MSc Advanced Computer Science
  38. University of Manchester Manchester, England-MSc Advanced Computer Science
  39. Lancaster University Lancashire, England-MSc Computer Science by Research
  40. University of Leeds Leeds, England-MSc Advanced Computer Science
  41. University of Sussex Brighton, England-MSc Advanced Computer Science
  42. University of Hull Hull, England-MSc Advanced Computer Science

Career after masters in computer science in UK includes:

  • Software Engineer
  • Software Developer
  • Data Scientist
  • Java Developer
  • Full Stack Software Developer
  • Software Development Engineer
  • Technical Consultant
  • Front End Developer

Thus, a Master in UK is the way to go!